Meet The Staff



Cynthia has been with our office for 20 years and is an invaluable asset as our practice manager.  She started as our front office coordinator, and so has an understanding of the entire running of the office.  She is very well versed in billing, insurance issues, as well as patient care.   She is always available to answer questions related to your care or address issues with our office.




Maria worked as Dr. Abbey’s surgical tech at the hospital for years prior to accepting a position at our office.  She is a wonderful office surgical assistant, and continues to go with Dr. Abbey to the hospital to assist on inpatient surgical procedures.  Her years of working with Dr. Abbey help with our patient care tremendously. Maria has been with us for 15 years.



Vicky has been working in direct patient care in our office for the past 20 years. She is our Implant Coordinator. She has vast experience in surgical assisting and maxillofacial surgical procedures.